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TURNING CENTERS (Computer Numerical Control)


1)                Daewoo Puma 2500 w/Live Milling Y axis and FANUC 18iTB control, 13.00 inch turning diameter, 26.50 inches between centers, 3.00 inch diameter automatic barfeed capacity.


2)                Daewoo Puma 18 with a FANUC OT-C control, 60 HP, 35.40 inch diameter swing, 62.00 inches between centers.


3)                Mori Seiki SL-6A with a FANUC 6BT control, 50 HP, 33.00 inch diameter swing, 33.00 inches between centers.


4)                Daewoo Puma V550 VTL with a FANUC 18TC control, 50 HP, 31.50 inch diameter swing, 29.50 inch maximum turning length.


5)                Daewoo Puma V15 with a FANUC 16TA control, 40HP, 31.50 inch diameter swing, 25.60 maximum turning length.


6)                Yama Seiki GS3300 w/Live Milling y axis and Fanuc 0i-TD control, 16.0 inch turning diameter, 8.0 inch sub spindle, 3.5inch diameter bar feed capacity.


7)                Mori Seiki SL-4 with a FANUC 10T control, 20 HP, 24.00 inch diameter swing, 30.00 inches between centers.


TURNING CENTERS (Conventional)


1)                2 each Voest, 28.00 inch diameter swing, 20HP, 120.00 inches between centers, Heidenheim Pos-E-Touch 11 digital readout.


2)                Voest, 20.00 inch diameter swing, 7.5 HP, 40.00 inches between centers.


3)                Voest, 17.00 inch diameter swing, 5 HP, 59.00 inches between centers, taper attachment and travel dial.o:p>


4)                Voest, 15.00 inch diameter swing, 4HP, 32.00 inches between centers.



MACHINING CENTERS (Computer Numerical Control)



1)                Daewoo DVC 500, with FANUC 21iMB Control, 20 HP 10,000 RPM, dual type pallet changer (x-axis travel 29.90 inches, y-axis travel 20.00 inches, z-axis travel 22.40 inches, 30 tool storage.


2)                Fryer MC-60 with ANILAM 5400M Control, 25 HP, (x-axis travel 60.00 inches, y-axis travel 30.00 inches, z-axis travel 28.00 inches, b-axis 15.00 inch rotary table) 20 tool storage.


3)                Kitamura Model Bridgecenter 8 Double Column Vertical with a FANUC 15M control, 25HP continuous, (x-axis travel 98.00 inches, y-axis travel 43.00 inches) linear scale feedback x-y-z, position accuracy .0002 over full stroke, 30 tool storage.


4)                Hurco BMC 50 with Ultimax II control, 20 HP, table size 73.40 inches x 34.30 inches, 20 tool storage.


5)                Toyoda FV45 with 11M control, 10 HP, table size 40.20 inches x 20.00 inches, 20 tool storage.




1)                Mazak Horizontal Machining Center HCN6800 with Mazatrol Matrix Control. (x-axis 41.34 inches, y-axis 35.43 inches, z-axis 38.58 inches travel) dual pallet system with a additional 8 pallet Palletech shuttle system with 2 load stations. 160 Tool storage.


2)                Mazak FH-680 with Mazatrol 640M control, 40 HP, NC rotary table 4th axis, (x-axis travel41.94 inches, y-axis travel 31.50 inches, z-axis travel 32.40 inches, 80 tool storage.


3)                Kitamura Model H800 with FANUC 15MA control, 20 HP continuous, (x-axis travel 44.00 inches, y-axis travel 32.00 inches, z-axis travel 32.10 inches) 4th axis rotary table, 60 tool storage.


4)                Niigata HN80C with FANUC 15MA control, 35HP, (x-axis travel 59.10 inches, y-axis travel 47.20 inches, z-axis travel 45.00 inches) full 4th axis rotary table, 60 tool storage.




1)                Union HBM, 15HP, table size 49.90 inches x 55.00 inches, 4.00 inch diameter spindle with digital readout, full threading capability with taper boring head 0 to 45 degrees and vertical milling head 20.00 inches in length.



VARIOUS MACHINERY FOR: Sawing, Surface Grinding, Honing, Broaching, Rolling/Straightening, Welding (Steel and Aluminum), Balancing, Painting, and CMM Inspection.